Over a thousand people died of encounters with American law enforcement in 2016. Twenty of those people were children under 18. One of those twenty children was our beloved Luke, who was shot by a sheriff’s deputy in November. Luke’s death was unnecessary. It was avoidable, like so many others.

Luke’s life matters to us because we love him, and it matters to the hundreds of people who knew him, too. Luke’s life is over, but we want it to matter to everyone. We want Luke’s Life – cut short by a government bullet at 15 years old – to become Luke’s Law.

Luke’s Law will protect civilians (especially minors and the mentally ill) by providing law enforcement with improved training, policies, and procedures. Luke’s Law will make the public safer. Luke’s Law will help law enforcement protect and serve. Luke’s Law will save lives - lives like Luke’s, which still matters even though Luke is gone.

Everyone’s life matters. Luke’s Law matters, and it will save lives.


Luke's Life

"Luke felt a need to contribute to the world and explore it; he needed to revisit his homes around the globe and contribute to them."

Luke's Law

We are seeking a policy that values non-violent de-escalation of conflicts over speedy and violent resolutions. 

Luke's Legacy

"It was Luke’s plan, to save this planet by being a voice for the voiceless, by spreading knowledge and truth and wisdom through his poetry."

“Luke Ian Howard “Sonny Lou” Smith is a child of something beyond the divine.”

Savannah Smith & Luke's Sister